Are you suffering from chronic, debilitating fatigue?

If you’re dealing with a strange illness with no identifiable cause or treatment, Flourish can help.

The root cause likely lies in your genes. And there is a scientifically-proven method that will help you regain your health.

It's called the Shoemaker Protocol. And it works.

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve seen multiple practitioners for help with your
unexplained health issues.

You’ve tried radical nutrition plans and spent thousands of dollars on supplements - but you still don't have energy.

You don’t have a clear reason for what’s causing your fatigue (let alone
a way to solve it).

You’ve been given a less-than-helpful diagnosis like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities, or something of the like.

You want to feel fed up and frustrated at your situation, but
you’re just too tired.

It is highly likely you are suffering from Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, or CIRS. CIRS is a genetically-linked disease that causes your immune system to continually flare up when you are exposed to certain mycotoxins. 

And it has a cure.

It's called the Shoemaker Protocol and I have studied it for years so I can help people just like you.

Mark intro

I’m Mark Volmer - Certified Shoemaker Protocol practitioner.

I’m the Clinic Director here at Flourish Clinic and resident expert on all things fatigue. I'm also a Certified Shoemaker Protocol Practitioner.

My specialty is CIRS. I find the way the body's immune system reacts to certain mycotoxins absolutely fascinating, and there is nothing more rewarding for me than guiding a CIRS patient back to health.


I am thrilled to welcome Jane Prescot, FMCHC. Jane is a Shoemaker certified CIRS Proficiency Partner Diplomate who has an accomplished background in supporting CIRS patients.

Jane also suffers from CIRS, and has successfully completed the Shoemaker Protocol. Jane feels that her healing journey had a greater purpose that she is now able to realize as she helps others get their lives back.



Meet Claire.

Meet Claire.

Fifteen years ago Claire started feeling tired. Not just tired - exhausted all the time. But with two small children, a career on the rise and a life full of friends and family, she assumed it was normal. Her doctor ran some blood work and when it came back normal he agreed.

A few years later she noticed her stomach was reacting to different foods, so she started eliminating the usual suspects, gluten and dairy. That seemed to settle her gut for a while. But when it flared back up her doctor ran more tests. They were all inconclusive and she ended up with an unhelpful diagnosis of IBS.

Five Years Later...

Claire had to stop working. She initially tried a reduced workload but even five hours per week in front of a screen made her so tired she couldn’t leave her bed for two days. And her stomach was becoming so reactive she was able to tolerate only a handful of foods.

Claire found herself canceling plans with friends and loved ones in favour of staying indoors and resting. Even worse, Claire's children were growing up before her eyes and she didn't have the energy to enjoy them. 

Claire didn’t succumb to the fatigue without a fight. Over the course of five years Claire visited:

  • Her family doctor (many, many times)
  • A rheumatologist
  • An Internist
  • 3 different naturopaths 
  • A health coach out of the USA 
  • 2 acupuncturists 
  • And three massage therapists

Claire has had two MRIs, one CT scan, and close to sixty vials of blood taken for different laboratory tests. She’s been told she has anxiety, depression, SIBO, parasites, candida overgrowth, heavy metal toxicity, and PTSD by natural health practitioners. Her doctor and the conventional medical world tell her she has Fibromyalgia, IBS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

Claire has tried different treatments for each diagnosis. Some improved her health temporarily. But most just made her feel worse. She’s also tried just about every diet there is from keto and carnivore to vegan and paleo.  Nothing has helped. 

Fortunately, Claire found us.

Does Claire’s story sound like you?

Maybe your story is more severe.

Maybe you can’t get out of bed or even remain upright? 

Maybe your fatigue came on so intensely and so suddenly? 

Maybe you’re not where Claire is now but you can see that’s the
direction you’re heading… 

If you’re dealing with fatigue you’re in the right place. 

If you’re dealing with a long list of strange symptoms that no one is able to make sense of, you’re in the right place. 

If you’ve seen 10+ practitioners and not seen any results,
you’re in the right place. 

If you’ve got a less-than-helpful diagnosis like fibromyalgia, CFS, mast cell activation disorder, or multiple chemical sensitivities,
you’re in the right place.

You are not alone. You are not crazy. It is highly likely that you have Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).

Whether you remember it or not, you were exposed to mycotoxins, likely from black mold, and your immune system has been reacting ever since. The good news is the Shoemaker Protocol will help you get your life back.

What is the Shoemaker Protocol?

The Shoemaker Protocol is the only scientifically validated treatment for CIRS. It was created by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, MD. He has also led the fight for CIRS to be a recognized medical condition. CIRS treatment is known as the Shoemaker Protocol.

How does the Shoemaker Protocol work?

Before beginning the Shoemaker Protocol, we need to determine exactly what is occurring inside your mitochondria. (Flash back to middle school science and you may remember your mitochondria are the powerhouses of your cells.)

We need to look at your mitochondria because they are the cause of the majority of illnesses that cause fatigue. And the reason why all your lab tests have come back normal is that none of them analyze your mitochondria.

That’s why we use the GENIE test.

The GENIE test

The GENIE test is a genetic test. But it doesn’t test the genes you’re thinking of. The genes you’re familiar with are the ones that come from mom and dad. These genes are found in the nucleus of your cell.

GENIE tests for genes inside of your mitochondria. This is the only test in the world able to look at mitochondrial genes.

Mitochondria create energy for your body. If you’re dealing with fatigue, your mitochondria are affected. In order to precisely identify where your fatigue is coming from, we need to put your mitochondria under the microscope – the GENIE test does just that!

The GENIE test tells us:

  • If you are suffering from CIRS
  • How CIRS is affecting your body
  • What is causing your illness
  • The best path forward for treatment

After we have the results back from the GENIE test, we are able to begin the Shoemaker Protocol.


Here’s how The Shoemaker Protocol works:

Step 1

We test all environments that you regularly spend time for mold. If you aren’t able to leave the environment, we will advise you on the best form of remediation according to the results of the GENIE test.

Step Two

You begin treatment with a supplement known as a binder. It adheres to mold toxins within your cells and helps your body excrete them. This step may take several months.

Step Three

A common side effect of CIRS is MARCoNS, a nasal cavity infection. You will get rid of it during this step.

Step Four

Your body will be incredibly sensitive to gluten. We will help you eliminate it from your diet, and look for cross-reactivity with other similar foods.

Step Five

We dive into your hormones and work to correct blood sugar imbalances.

Steps Six through Twelve

Using your hormonal diagnosis, we will help you correct your imbalances through targeted supplementation.

Treating CIRS at Flourish Clinic

While groundbreaking, the Shoemaker Protocol is not a quick cure. The first three steps alone may take months to work through.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any health plans that cover diagnostic testing and treatment. There are often unexpected costs each month, and supplements can run into the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Past patients have found the protocol to be incredibly confusing and complex to follow. They require regular contact with Mark or Jane to answer the many questions that arise as they work through the steps.

This is why Flourish has developed an all-inclusive program. Our practitioners can work closely with you as you complete the steps. For one price, you will receive:

A monthly appointment with one of our Shoemaker Protocol Practitioners so they can track your progress. You will also have the ability to contact them directly with your questions.

Twelve appointments with Johanna Kalkreuth, Registered Psychologist. These can be booked as needed. Johanna addresses the trauma and nervous system dysregulation that accompanies CIRS.

The opportunity to connect with other CIRS patients in a safe environment. This includes weekly virtual meetings on various topics related to your health held by Sheena Huculak, Health Coach.

All testing and supplements (including the GENIE test)

Access to a custom app containing in-depth information about CIRS, broken down into easy-to-understand articles.

One on one health coaching with Sheena as needed.

We have found the Flourish CIRS Treatment Program to be the best way for CIRS patients to find success with the Shoemaker Protocol.


Yes, CIRS is a very real condition. It has many studies behind it in published, peer-reviewed journals.

The Shoemaker Protocol is the only scientifically proven, peer-reviewed method of treating CIRS. This means that treatment relies on scientifically-proven methods and testing. It also means that other practitioners have followed the protocol and achieved the same results.
Our practitioners have undergone rigorous training over several years under the guidance of Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker.
The Shoemaker Protocol is not a quick fix, and entails a high level of patient commitment. But we can assure you - it works.

$1500CAD a month for 12 months. This equals $18,000CAD+ GST.

  • The GENIE test (value of $1000CAD + $50 lab fee).
  • Shipping and handling of the GENIE test (value $560).
  • All lab tests and supplements related to the Shoemaker Protocol.
  • Blood draws for the GENIE and any other lab tests.
  • Contact with a Shoemaker Certified Practitioner via private messaging.
  • A monthly appointment with one of our Shoemaker Certified Practitioners.
  • Twelve one hour appointments with Johanna Kalkreuth, a CIRS-focused Registered Psychologist.
  • Enrolment in a group therapy program led by Johanna Kalkreuth designed to accompany the Shoemaker Protocol.
  • Access to a private app where you learn all about CIRS.
  • Access to a private CIRS group.
  • Weekly CIRS group coaching with Sheena Huculak, Health Coach

Over the years of treating CIRS, we have found the highest rate of patient success occurs when patients make a commitment to fully completing the Shoemaker Protocol. With full patient cooperation and accountability, our patients are generally able to complete the Shoemaker Protocol in 12 months. We are only interested in working with patients who understand their commitment is key to their recovery. This is not a quick fix. You will be working with us for at least a year. The reason there are 12 payments is so that you don't have any unexpected costs and know what to budget on a monthly basis. The 12 payments do not pay for the care you receive that month, but are a payment on your entire treatment. If, for any reason, your treatment takes longer than 12 months, we will not request further monthly payments.

We understand that every patient's needs are different - and this is especially true in those suffering from CIRS. Our program allows you to tailor your treatment according to your needs. For example, if you need to see Johanna for therapy two or three times in one month, it's covered. Or if you need Sheena's guidance with your diet, you can book in with her as needed.We are committed to providing you with the most effective method of working through the Shoemaker Protocol and regaining your health. We also discourage our patients from pausing the program. We have seen the greatest success in our patients when they commit to following the Shoemaker Protocol without taking a break. And we know we have added enough value for our patients that there is no need to pause. We are only interested in working with patients who understand their commitment is key to their recovery. This is not a quick fix. You will be working with us for at least a year.

Yes! All appointments, testing and check-ins can be done virtually.

The purpose of the CIRS Treatment Program is to ensure our practitioners see you on a regular basis, and to help you spread out the cost of the Shoemaker Protocol. We do not want to tie you to payments and appointments for a condition you do not have. If you do not have CIRS you will not have to continue with the program. We will only request that our costs are covered. We will then discuss the best course of action for your situation. If our practitioners are not able to help you, they will refer you to a practitioner who can.

If you have a health spending account, you will be able to put it through your insurance. Insurance companies will not allow you to put this through extended healthcare benefits for acupuncture/massage/chiropractic etc. All appointments and group work with Johanna Kalkreuth, Registered Psychologist is eligible for insurance coverage.

While we strongly discourage patients from pausing or cancelling, we understand that emergencies arise and it may be necessary. If this is the case please let us know. We will set up an appointment to discuss the reasons behind your request and to review your options. We have set up the CIRS Treatment Program to allow you to spread payments out over a year. Therefore, if you pause or cancel before the year is up you may have an outstanding balance. We are not able to carry a balance for patients not actively in the program and will require payment.

On average, fully treating CIRS takes 12-18 months. Flourish patients who have not paused treatment have successfully completed the protocol in 12 months.

The combined CIRS success rate when following the Shoemaker Protocol is 88%. This is based on all Shoemaker-trained practitioners. We find our success rate to be slightly higher.

We are no longer offering a pay-as-you-go/fee-for-service in treating CIRS. Managing CIRS cases is incredibly time-consuming and requires consistent monitoring by a trained practitioner. We were unable to provide expert care while following the fee-for-service model.

In the past, we have found patients that pause the program do not achieve the same success as patients that have completed the program without pause. This is why we strongly discourage our patients from pausing. However, we do understand that life happens, and are open to discussing your request. Please know that our intent is to make you well as efficiently as we can.

No. This is a one-time treatment. The Shoemaker Protocol turns off the genes that cause CIRS-–for good. If you are re-exposed you will experience symptoms again, but we ensure all patients have access to a binder that they can take until the symptoms subside, or they pass their Visual Contrast Sensitivity screening test.


  • I had seen over 62 doctors, specialists, and practitioners in four different countries in 20 years... until we found Mark in December 2019 by searching the internet. My husband and I were always on the lookout for a possible cure for 'electroallergy', the rare condition I lived with for over 20 years. Back in the year 2000, little was known about this condition, with no known cure. We came as far as knowing that there are more people in the world with this same condition.
    In December 2019 my husband found a blog written by Mark about 'electroallergy' as being one of the symptoms from CIRS. When we got a reply back from Mark on January 1, 2020 with the magical words that he could help me, our year started off truly wonderful.
    We called it our year of healing: "Healing 2020".
    For about the 63rd time my hopes were up and we put our trust in yet another treatment, which would hopefully heal me from this condition. This time it seemed we had hit the jackpot. Eight months into treatment, my symptoms were considerably less and this continued as time went by. I could even work on a computer again and have client video calls. Simple things I hadn't been able to do for years, I was doing again.
    Celebration after celebration followed.
    My prayer was answered.
  • I highly recommend Mark. He is a supportive, knowledgeable and gifted functional medicine practitioner. Thank you for helping me regain my vitality.
  • He sees the value in treating a person as a whole body, mind and spirit, and recognizes that healing is a process. Among busy schedules and hectic lives, Mark provides care that reminds you the value of slowing down and making your health a priority. I would not hesitate to refer to Mark.
  • From the moment you walk thru the door you feel welcomed, like old friends picking up right where you left off. You never feel rushed and you continue to be fully supported outside of regular office hours. The lines of communication remain open to allow for any addition concerns or questions. This is worth its weight in gold.
  • Forever grateful to the amazingly phenomenal people here that gave me my life back. They will do the same for you! Love you guys!!

What's my first step?

Your first step is scheduling a complimentary 15 minute phone chat with either Mark or Jane. This will allow our Certified Shoemaker Practitioner to learn about your health goals, and let you ask any questions you may have to ensure Flourish is a good fit.

If you're ready to proceed, we will order the GENIE test and you will immediately start in the Flourish CIRS treatment program.

While we wait for your GENIE test, you will learn more about CIRS in educational modules put together by the Flourish team. 

Once we have the results of your GENIE test, our Certified Shoemaker Practitioner will create a custom plan that will enable them to personally guide you back to health.

Don’t Hesitate

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